eunops 2012 copyright SosnowskaEuropean Network of Palm Scientists (EUNOPS XII)
Il prossimo meeting della rete EUNOPS e previsto a Villa Nobel (Sanremo, Italy), le 12 e 13 di maggio 2012. E organizato dal “Centro Studi e Ricerche per le Palme” (CSRP), in collaborazione con il Ornamental Plants Research Unit of the Italian Agriculture Research Council (CRA-FSO).
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Elenco delle communicazione (EUNOPS XII)
Session 1 – Evolution and molecular biology
(Chair: Frédérique ABERLENC-BERTOSSI)
Alain RIVAL – Epigenetics and palms – what’s beyond the double helix?
James TREGEAR – Investigating the molecular basis of sex determination in Elaeis guineensis
Angela CANO – Phylogenetic relationships and evolutionary patterns in the palm tribe Cryosophilaeae
Thomas COUVREUR – Evolution of the African rattan clade Ancistrophyllinae
Session 2 – Evolution, morphology and structure
(Chair: Fred STAUFFER)
Elodie ALAPETITE – Why so many stamens in palms? A glimpse into pollen production
Anders BARFOD – New Guinean palm oddities – ornate endocarps in Licuala and associated features
Mikhail ROMANOV – Corky warted fruits in the palm family
Timothy TRANBARGER – What Newton did not discover about falling palm fruit
Fabienne MORCILLO – Palms – an original model to decifer oil biosynthesis
Session 3 – Diversity and Ethnobotany
(Chair: William BAKER)
Frédérique ABERLENC-BERTOSSI – PhoenixDB: a database and information system for date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) genotype identification based on microsatellite markers
Muriel GROS-BALTHAZARD – First evidence of wild date palms (Phoenix dactylifera L.) as demonstrated by genetic and morphometric analyses
Marco BALLARDINI Phoenix hybrids in the Italian Riviera and identification of parents by means of molecular markers
Milvia RACCHI – Genetic analysis of Libyan date palm cultivars using microsatellite markers
Isabel MATEU – The Palm collection of the Botanical Garden in Valencia
Session 3 – Diversity and Ethnobotany
(Chair: Dennis PEDERSEN)
Joanna SOSNOWSKA – The social nature of palm diversity in the Tambo river region, Peru
Marta GRUCA – Medicinal Uses of Palms
Grisha BROKAMP – Brooms made from fibres of Aphandra natalia – a seemingly antiquated product design may match coming industrial standards
Alexander THEYS – Extending PalmWeb Functionalities to incorporate Palm Use Data
Round table discussion: Palm Genomics
(Chair: Alain RIVAL)
Session 4 – Evolution, Biogeography and Ecology
(Chair: James TREGEAR)
William BAKER – Global biogeography and diversification of palms sheds light on the evolution of tropical floras
Wolf EISERHARDT – Assembly and phylogenetic structure of Amazonian palm communities
Encarni MONTOYA – Neotropical palm biogeography, climate change and human impact – The case of Mauritia flexuosa L.
Julissa RONCAL – Cenozoic colonization and diversification patterns of tropical American palms – evidence from Astrocaryum
Summar NAQVI – First insights onto the distribution and diversity of Phoenix loureiroi in Pakistan
Session 5 – Conservation
(Chair: Lauren GARDINER)
Mijoro RAKOTOARINIVO – Conservation priorities for palms in Madagascar
Doudjo OUATTARA – Palm flora of Ghana – notes on its diversity, economical importance and conservation
Michel FERRY – Palms, Men and the Red palm weevil
Benedetta CANGELOSI – First applications of “Electronic nose” as method of early detection of Red Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Olivier) infestation in Phoenix canariensis
Claudio LITTARDI – Palm pests: a food source?
Round table discussion: Palm Conservation
(Chairs: William BAKER and Anders BARFOD)
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